Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space


The United Nations Committee for the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS) is a subsidiary body of the fourth GA, SPECPOL, and was established in 1959. Since its inception, the body has grown from 49 members to 92, and has seen drastic changes made in terms of the uses of space. In the past ten years especially, huge strides have been made to bring the world of science fiction closer to reality, with an example of this being the prospect of Mars colonies, and civilian space travel. This session of UNCOPUOS will act as a forum under which delegates can partake in debate pertinent to space exploration, beneficial the uses of space, and the parameters that must exist within both to maintain peace and security for humanity. Addressing the technical and scientific components, as well as the legal minutiae relating to the governance of space, this committee will allow delegates to address the rapidly evolving technological world, the perplexing topic of space comprehension and exploration, and the subsequent ramifications on global interconnectedness. Specific topics being discussed will be the relationship between space and the environment in relation to climate change, potential human rights frameworks in outer space, and the role of corporations in space exploration and technology.



Your Dais:


Marie Fester - Chair


Zachary Jericho Couture - Vice-Chair


Ophelie Mayoux - Vice-Chair