Canadian Senate Reform, 2016


Within the Canadian bicameral parliamentary system, the Senate currently holds the title of “upper chamber”. This group of appointed individuals hold the power to investigate issues facing Canada, as well as review and revise legislation. The role of this committee is to discuss the topics surrounding a potential reform of the Senate’s composition within Canada. Delegates will be expected to speak in correspondence with their province or territories’ primary interests, and collaborate to find a solution that best represents the needs of Canadian citizens. Through the implementation of amendments to the Canadian Constitution in relation to senate configuration, this committee will find themselves making decisions that will have implications to the entirety of the Canadian political system. Topics of discussion include the potential re-configuration of the structure under which the Senate currently functions in relation to appointments and province/territory representation, revising the qualifications and disqualifications of senators, and the current and future power allocation of the Senate in relation to the House of Commons.



Your Dais:


Abigail Pender - Chair


Jakob Harvey - Vice-Chair


Kabir Gupta - Vice-Chair