Commission on the Status of Women


The Commission on the Status of Women is the branch of the Economic and Social Council that focuses on the global progression of gender equality through assessment and consideration of challenges barring the advancement of women’s rights and opportunities within current global climates. This UN body heavily promotes the active implementation of women into political, social, and economic discourse and solution development. Additionally, it addresses the implementation of gender equality initiatives throughout the world with the aim that each person may find equal and equitable opportunity regardless of sex or gender. At its founding in 1946, it initially included fifteen member states. Today, it comprises of forty-five member states spanning regions across the globe, in addition to NGO representatives. Since 1996, it is also responsible for monitoring the programs created by other key documents in UN gender equality mandates.

Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss topical issues facing women around the world in capacities relating to both technology and innovation, as well as economics and wellness. The theme for the CSW at SSUNS 2019 will be addressing the needs of women from a variety of sectors, with a strong focus on meeting the needs of women in poverty. As with all UN bodies working toward meeting the SDGs, the resolutions implemented by the CSW require specific attention is paid to sustainability and creating lasting infrastructure that will ensure long-term advancement of gender equality.



Your Dais:


Kate Fanjoy - Chair


Ann Dickie - Vice-Chair


Ana Camila - Vice-Chair