Democratic National Committee


It’s September 2019, and everyone - candidates, pundits, strategists, pollsters, lawmakers, and more - is weighing in on the Democratic primary.  Candidates will soon declare exploratory committees and official presidential campaigns; everyone from unrecognizable entrepreneurs to high-profile Senators will battle it out to secure the nomination.  Across the field, there will be significant strategic differences. Will the suburban moderates, who helped restore the House in 2018, turn the tide for Democrats once again, or will the party embrace a shift to the political left?  Is healthcare still a winning issue, or are most Americans still thinking of “the economy, stupid”? And is there anyone in the field who can win over moderate Republicans and Independents, or are those voters forever lost to the Democratic party?

With these questions and more still open-ended, the fate of the American opposition is in your hands.  Choose carefully who you’d like to primary and which in the Democratic party you opt to take down; some are ready for this unthinkable challenge, while others will have ulterior motives.  The victor will be the delegate who can successfully navigate the landscape of American politics to solidify a winning message. Hot takes, cold takes, everybody has an opinion; but only you can step up, accept the challenge, and drive a winning scenario home.  Right or wrong, the politics of the Democratic primary will be unpredictable. All bets are off: this is American politics at its finest.

“I don’t care if I’m right or wrong.  I just want to be more right or less wrong than you.”
-Nate Silver



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Albert Gunnison - Chair


Raj Banerji - Vice Chair


Ender McDuff - Crisis Director

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Josh Hill - Assistant Crisis Director