Economic and Financial Committee


The eleven thematic clusters that define the ECOFIN (the Second Committee of the UN General Assembly) mandate span a wide range of contemporary economic and financial issues. From domestic operational activities of information technology development all the way to macroeconomic policy building for a more globalized, integrated international economy, a plethora of topics fall under the Economic and Financial Committee’s umbrella. Historically, ECOFIN has aided in guiding the international community’s hand when overcoming monumental challenges, including food security, eradication of poverty, and even the issue of displaced peoples and communities. However, in the body’s most recent convenings, the focus of debate has seen a shift towards some more contemporary economic issues; specifically, a very contentious area of debate these days is regulation of international currency, its security, and its equitable transfer across sovereign borders. To this end, our ECOFIN simulation will focus its debate upon three topics that independently encapsulate the same themes that can be seen deliberated on the floor of the UN: Topic Area A) Sustainable Measures to Handle External Debt, Topic Area B) Measures to Prevent Illicit Financial Flows, and Topic Area C) Regulation of Cryptocurrency. All topics possess enormous potential to facilitate constructive conversation amongst delegates so to reach a consensus on how the international community can better tackle these increasingly pressing issues.



Your Dais:


Omar Nazir - Chair


Shehrbano Jamali Niazi - Vice-Chair


Claire McPhee - Vice-Chair