Hong Kong, 2047


As the clock slowly ticks down towards the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ framework’s 50-year limit, Hong Kong finds itself at a crossroads. The laws that have led the region to the crown of world's freest economy and status as a global financial hub are set to expire. Businesses and investors are unsure as to whether or not they have a future in the region. China has been waiting patiently for the opportunity to further integrate the region free from legal constraints. Citizens are anxiously waiting to see if their rights and freedoms enumerated in the Basic Law will remain protected or cease to exist.The path forwards is anything but clear. What does the relationship between Hong Kong and China look like going into the second half of the 21st century? Will Hong Kong retain its economy, its culture, its place on the world stage? Delegates will be challenged with balancing the complex network of relationships with Beijing, Hong Kong’s global political, trade and investment partners and domestic politics. Now is the moment for Hong Kong to forge its own destiny, where that leads has yet to be seen.

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Your Dais:


Charles Madre - Chair


Phoebe Lee - Vice-Chair


Sam Haward - Crisis Director


Jamie Oneschuk - Assistant Crisis Director