House of Medici, 1475


In 1475, the House of Medici has achieved prominence within the Republic of Florence, through their banking knowledge and political prowess. Under Medici governance, the Florentine Republic has become the centre of art and scholarship in Italy. The Medici are beginning to spread their influence to other parts of Italy and Europe, by funding arts projects and religious monuments, and expanding the Medici Bank.

However, the more power a dynasty gains, the more enemies they are sure to face. Other families in Florence, who suffered great losses in the wars between Milan and Venice, are turning to the House of Medici for reparations, and for their demands to be met. The Medici must decide if they are to rule for and with the people, or with an iron fist.

Wars outside of Italy could spell trouble for the House of Medici. Branches of the Medici Bank in England and France have endured throughout the War of the Roses, but their long-term financial health has been called into question.

The House of Medici must secure its resources and expand its influence, if it is to remain in power in Florence. Other powerful families are becoming greedy, seeking out wealth and capital that could undermine the Medicis. Many who try to secure power fail, and the failure breaks them. The Medici must stay on top, no matter the cost.



Your Dais:


Cassandra Moschella - Chair


Wing Wong - Vice-Chair


Matthew O'Connell - Crisis Director


Erin Smith - Assistant Crisis Director