International Criminal Police Organisation


INTERPOL, officially the International Criminal Police Organization, is the 194 member state organization that serves as the world’s largest police organization. INTERPOL members can access and share data on crimes and criminals, and can communicate via a secure network created by INTERPOL. They also manage 17 police databases, and offers investigative support and expertise across a range of crime areas. In 2019, the obstacles faced by the organization as well as potential threats to this world have changed significantly compared to even a decade or two ago. Increased worldwide access to data and information sharing has also created new dangers in the realm of  cyberterrorism, and new pitfalls such as surveillance strategies and privacy laws. With increased globalization, it is simultaneously easier to share information among states, locate persons, and cooperate in the fight against international crime, but also it has become more difficult to control the sheer influx of data, and decide how much surveillance is enough. Extradition laws, which are hardly uniform, and vital for the success of the INTERPOL, as the lack of extradition treaties can pose significant obstacles in the process of apprehending criminals, also serves as a major issue facing INTERPOL. Lastly one of the INTERPOL’s focus areas is terrorism. While cyberterrorism is  one of the newer branches of terrorism, it is by far not the most dangerous when compared to the threat of nuclear terrorism, chemical terrorism, or bioterrorism. Biological weapons are amongst the deadliest, if not the deadliest, weapons ever produced. Viruses don’t respect borders, spread epidemically, and can quickly become a global threat. It will be the objective of this committee to discuss specific crime or issues that INTERPOL is exposed to, and come up with solutions on how to improve the INTERPOL’s strategies to combat international crime.



Your Dais:


Laura Schulz - Chair


Parnika Goel - Vice-Chair


Ioanna Tzima - Vice-Chair