JCC: Red Army, White Army


The year is 1917 AD. The Winter Palace, seat of the Provisional Government in Petrograd, has been stormed by the Bolshevik Party of Vladimir Lenin. Just mere months ago, a once-mighty empire spanning 23 million square kilometres and lasting two full centuries, collapsed after years of social and economic turmoil, brought on by an embarrassing loss to Japan, ruthless oppression, poor working conditions, and inflation brought on by The Great War. While millions of our brothers and sisters are fighting on the frontlines, the territory formerly known most recently as the Russian Republic finds itself once again in turbulence - what will the structure of this new government be? What is its governing ideology? What is to be done with Russia’s involvement in the Great War? How shall we go about securing international support? Despite the strength of the Bolshevik’s support amongst certain sectors of society, there is almost certainly a large and equal swath of the Russian public who feel threatened by these developments, in addition to the local nationalisms that are sure to rekindle given the turmoil in Petrograd. The Russian people look onto you with hope, respected leaders, to address the challenges facing the Russian state. Your answers to these tests will dictate the fate of over 120 million persons, in addition to the legacy of hundreds of years of culture and history of our people. Bread, peace, and land. That is what we ask for.

Email: redwhite@ssuns.org


Your Dais:


Ashton Mathias - Crisis Director

rebecca spiteri chair.jpeg

Rebecca Spiteri - Chair Red Army


Rachel Kalmanovich - Assistant Crisis Director Red Army


Emily Liang - Vice-Chair Red Army


Jozephine Crimp - Chair White Army

Palmer, Xavier.jpg

Xavier Palmer - Assistant Crisis Director White Army


Thomas Painter - Vice-Chair White Army