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Conference FAQ

Conference Policy

Is there a dress code?

  • All participants at SSUNS are required to wear full western business attire. We urge you to adhere to the dress code for all SSUNS events, such as the Opening/Closing ceremonies, committee sessions, public events, excluding the delegate social event and unless otherwise directed by your Dais. For the Delegate Gala, please use your discretion in dressing casually but appropriately. SSUNS staff reserves the right to remove delegates dressed inappropriately or offensively for the delegate social event.

Can I bring my own laptop?

  • Yes! Although it’s not mandatory, it is recommended that you bring your own computer to research, draft working papers, etc. outside of your committee sessions. Usage of laptops or portable electronic devices during sessions is subject to the individual discretion of Daises and it may be prohibited during selective or all committee sessions. There will be also computers available for conference-related uses such as research in our Delegate Resource Centre.

Positon Papers

What is a position paper?

  • All SSUNS delegates are required to submit a position paper prior to the conference (with the exception of selective Crisis committee delegates). There is a section in your background guide for Questions to Consider and/or Helpful Links that will help you get your research started. Also don’t forget to check out our Delegate Resources page for more tips!
  • It is a research essay detailing your country or character’s position in your committee, specifically on the topics outlined in the background guide. We urge you to avoid reiterating information already elaborated in the background guide, except for when explaining their significance to your specific character or pointing out something you wish to underscore during the committee debate. Having a well-written position paper will help you organize your research, become familiarized with your character, and enhance your delegate experience throughout the conference.

When is my position paper due?

  • It is due at 8:30PM on Thursday, November 14th, 2019. It is always a good idea to submit it in advance. Feel free to email your Daises any questions regarding your position paper but allow sufficient time before the deadline to ensure you receive feedback! How do I submit it? Submit it to your respective committee emails as an attachment in .docx or .pdf file format. You will receive an automatic reply confirming that your position paper has been received.

Are there any rules?

  • While we do not provide specific format guidelines for individual position papers, every position paper should be written in coherence to a formal academic paper you would normally submit at your school. We urge you to use your discretion in determining the appropriate format of the paper. On another note, SSUNS has a very strict plagiarism policy. You must take care to acknowledge any ideas or information obtained from the work of others in your paper.
  • Please refer to McGill University’s Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures on Plagiarism for further clarification: Article 16. Plagiarism “Plagiarism” means the representation of another’s work, published or unpublished, as one’s own or assisting another in representing another’s work, published or unpublished, as his or her own. (a) No student shall represent another person’s work, published or unpublished, as his or her own in any academic writing […], or represent as his or her own the work of another, whether the material so represented constitutes a part or the entirety of the work submitted.