Star Wars - Republic at War, 22BBY


“Great leaders inspire greatness in others” - Grand Master of the Jedi Council, Yoda

After years of unrest and anger over Republic corruption and centralization, the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) has declared its independence from the Galactic Republic, under the Chairmanship of Count Dooku. Following the Battle of Geonosis in 3531 ATC (22 BBY), the galaxy has been thrown into a fearsome civil war that will decide the fate of Galactic Governance.  Not only will the delegates have to deal with the rebellious CIS, but also with the mounting tensions within the Republic. Various issues will arise, such as the ethical issues of a clone army, conscription, increasing centralization, corruption and regulations. The committee will need to pay attention to economic, social and militaristic issues. Increasing deregulation as a result of this corruption has also caused Corporations to have increasingly expansive powers in the Republic, with the Trade Federation and Techno-Union being able to field legions of Battle Droids. Delegates will be tasked with beating back Separatist incursions while ensuring systems remain loyal. The committee will need to deploy fleets tactically, as well as launching hearts and minds campaign to win over the people of the Galaxy.

The Galactic Senate has tasked this committee to beat back the enemies of the Republic, and maintain peace, stability and security in our Republic. You, a collection of Jedis, Commanders, Senators, Bureaucrats and Admirals will come together to protect the Republic’s Sovereignty.



Your Dais:


Nik Dolmat - Chair


Ahrum (Joy) Kwak - Vice Chair


Jonathan Nguyen - Crisis Director


Eric Sader - Assistant Crisis Director