Daniel Ortega’s Council - Sandinista National Liberation Front


“Patria Libre o Morir ”, a free country or death, these were the words emblazoned onto the Sandinista National Liberation Front. For years, revolutionaries from this military front rallied against the federal Somoza forces, and in 1979 they were finally able to overthrow the dictatorial dynasty that had led the country for decades. At the helm of this military and political movement was Daniel Ortega, an influential military commander and member of the ruling directory of the Sandinista Front. With the dissolution of the Somozas, Ortega became part of the ruling junta that would go on to rule the country in the transitional period between civil war and the institution of democratic mechanisms. After calling elections in 1985 there was no doubt, with over 65% of the vote Daniel Ortega would become the first president of the new Nicaraguan state. This committee will follow the cabinet of Daniel Ortega post-election as Nicaragua struggle to maintain its domestic and international integrity in the face of growing tensions. Delegates will be tasked with the internal turmoil of a post civil-war state, balancing agrarian/urban needs as well as the social clashes in the country. Furthermore, delegates are positioned in the height of the cold war, and thus must also look beyond the borders of their country and their region to fully understand where the most real threats lie. As the revolutionary Sandinistas would say, delegates must ensure a free Nicaragua or potentially perish in trying.

Email: ortegacouncil@ssuns.org


Your Dais:


David Muñoz - Chair


Alejandra Martinez - Vice-Chair


Mikail Malik - Crisis Director


Salvatore Francesco Solimano - Assistant Crisis Director