UN Human Rights Council


In 2006, the United Nations General Assembly convened and created the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). For the past 13 years, the UNHRC has been mandated with the responsibility of ensuring the promotion and protection of human rights around the world. Tasked with investigating, assessing and confronting present or forthcoming human rights violations being conducted throughout the world, members of this committee work to solve these issues through the development of resolutions suggesting realistic changes to the current global system. This committee will see the cooperative efforts of states and international human rights organizations alike, and through intellectual debate and diplomatic discussions, delegates partaking in the UNHRC at SSUNS 2019 will have the opportunity to develop innovative and active solutions to the presented issues. They will then be expected to pass resolutions that promote better human rights standards for at-risk communities around the globe. The topics with which delegates will have the chance to debate and discuss include the treatment of prisoners, the rights of children in areas of conflict, and the rights of ethnic and racial minorities.

Email: unhrc@ssuns.org


Your Dais:


Hawa Maiga - Chair


Neelima Rajesh - Vice-Chair


Johanna Cline - Vice-Chair