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Since its inception in 1945, the United Nations has strived to uphold their mission statement of maintaining international peace and security.  A success in some events, but undoubtedly a failure in many other instances. This has led political analysts to question the efficiency of the United Nations, as many claim its structure, cautious decision-making, and lack of actual enforcement of resolutions has exacerbated conflicts rather than mitigate them.  That is where the UN Secretariat, led by the United Nations’ Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, comes in .

The UN Secretariat brings together various offices and departments of the United Nations. Top officials from various portfolios coordinate with one another to ensure cohesion as they carry out the day to day operations of the United Nations around the world. Over the course of SSUNS 2019, delegates in the UN Secretariat committee will have the opportunity to reshape the United Nations from the perspective of an individual that works for the intergovernmental organization.  Topics of focus will include reevaluating the status of the P5 Members of the Security Council, encouraging gender empowerment in the UN Secretariat and other relevant UN Agencies, and reforming the United Nations’ Peacekeeping operations.

Delegates of the UN Secretariat should come prepared for an action-packed weekend.  In a committee where critiques of the UN and its various departments will be at the forefront of debate: decorum is bound to be broken!

Email: unsec@ssuns.org


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Natalie Schaller - Chair


Maena Raoux - Vice-Chair

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Sanchi Bhalla - Vice-Chair