WHO: Regional Office for Africa


The Regional Office for Africa is one of six regional bodies under the World Health Organization (WHO). Our mandate is to improve the health and well-being of people, and to do so by adapting global health initiatives to fit the specific needs and issues of the African region. Delegates will have the opportunity to propose meaningful solutions regarding three major issues facing the WHO-AFRO.

The first topic concerns the contentious relationship between foreign assistance with respect to health-related concerns and the African countries receiving it. How can the WHO-AFRO remediate the lack of clear communication, a disregard for the cultural customs of the area, and an ineffective contingency planning that all contribute to a system that does not function optimally for either side involved?

The second topic deals with how we can improve the state of child and adolescent healthcare with a focus on the increasing rate of malnutrition. Given that this population constitutes the economic future of the region, there must be interventions put in place, but also an assessment of their efficacy moving forward.

Finally, the last topic evaluates the Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response Strategy developed to allow for more well-informed public health policy and improved gauging of intervention impact. Though it has already proven to be successful in many ways, the WHO-AFRO must discuss the continued development of this strategy, including how future growth might be supported and how best to disseminate its findings.

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Your Dais:

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Dara Liu - Chair


Eyitayo Kunle-Oladosu - Vice-Chair


Heela Achakzai - Vice-Chair