Disarmament and International Security Committee


Simulating the United Nations General Assembly’s First Committee, DISEC will provide delegates with the opportunity to discuss current threats and challenges facing the international community. Actively engaging in conflict resolution and the implementation of harm reduction strategies, members of this committee find themselves identifying, debating, and subsequently solving problems pertaining to a variety of topics related to global security and stability. Under the mandate of DISEC, member nations are able to consider the role of peace and security in a number of international concerns, and make suggestions for solutions to these identified issues. Delegates in this committee will have the chance to participate in debate and negotiation on a myriad of topics. They will then have the opportunity to suggest changes that can be made on the regional and global scale to address such issues, and in turn will complete the conference with written resolutions attempting to solve a wide variety of global concerns. Specific topics that may be discussed throughout the duration of the conference include domestic arms control, the ramifications of conventional war on peoples and infrastructure, and the impacts of chemical weapons on the environment.

Email: disec@ssuns.org


Your Dais:


Patrick O’Donnell - Chair


Geneva Yang - Vice-Chair


Lucia Stroetzel - Vice-Chair