The Secretariat


Elisabeth Hedström

Meet your Secretary-General for SSUNS 2019, Elisabeth! A third-year student double majoring in Political Science and Economics with a concentration in Finance, she intends to pursue a career in international security, specifically with INTERPOL or the CIA. At SSUNS 2018, she served as the Chief of Operations and is proud of implementing more environmentally sustainable policies throughout the conference. She has travelled to an impressive 32 countries including Iceland, Qatar and Honduras, as well as having worked at a leprosy colony in Ghana. This summer she will be working a finance job in Stockholm and will be travelling to China to represent SSUNS at WEMUN Expo 2019! If you don’t think she is impressive enough yet, Elisabeth also sings, plays the tuba and is a certified PADI Scuba Diving Instructor with a coral reef restoration license. In her free time, she enjoys spending hours looking for music on Spotify and sleeping. She is excited to meet you all and make the 2019 iteration of SSUNS the best one yet!


Adrianna Lemieux
Chargée d'Affaires

Meet this year's Chargée d'Affaires, Adrianna! A fourth-year student currently completing a Bachelor of Arts, Adrianna is majoring in the Economic stream of International Development and minoring in International Relations and Immunology. Following her graduation, she plans on entering the field of global health, with hopes of bridging the gap between policy making and scientific development. While originally from Montreal, Adrianna spent three years studying in Switzerland with her twin brother. She enjoyed the opportunity to learn new languages and participate on the European Model UN circuit, attending conferences in Paris and Berlin! As an active member of the McGill International Relations community, in addition to SSUNS, Adrianna has found herself working with Junior Peacemakers and Flux: International Relations Review. She is a delegate for McGill's travelling delegation and a frequent staffer of SSUNS’ sister conference, McMUN. Aside from Model UN, Adrianna loves baking cakes, playing soccer and pineapple on her pizza. She is extremely excited for this year’s SSUNS and is looking forward to connecting with the delegates, faculty advisors, and staff members alike.


Mary Lynne Loftus
Chief of Staff

Meet Mary Lynne, our incredible Chief of Staff! A proud Montreal native, be sure to ask her about hidden gems on the island, especially in the Irish and Indonesian communities of which she is a proud member. Not only does Mary Lynne love SSUNS (this is her fifth after all), but she is also a committed member of the Political Science Students’ Association and loves kickboxing! If her dream of being on the Ben & Jerry’s Board of Directors does not work out, Mary Lynne is hoping to use her degree in Political Science and Communications to work for the Canadian government in order to make politics more accessible to young people. She cannot wait to meet all delegates and see the talent and diplomacy that she knows they will bring to their committees. Mary Lynne is known for being one of the friendliest people ever, so be sure to say “hi” if you see her around the conference or at her favourite event, the Delegate Gala!


Laurence Doucet
Chief of Operations

Meet Laurence, this year’s Chief of Operations! She is a third-year student studying Honours Economics with a minor in Computer Science. She has previously served as Deputy Crises, a Staff Room Coordinator and a two time SSUNS delegate, making this her fifth SSUNS. A Montreal native, Laurence speaks French and English fluently. In fact, her family even has an authentic Quebecois sugar shack! Her dream job is to work in forensic finance. If that sounds confusing, she describes it as being a “Wall Street Vampire Hunter.” In her free time, she loves cooking - so much so she doesn’t even have a go-to dish, she’s always looking to try something new! That said, she’ll never turn down her dad’s paella. When she’s not cooking, she loves reading - especially non-fiction, like her favourite book Freakonomics. She’s most looking forward to the first committee session, when the air is full of eager delegates and anticipation for a brand new SSUNS. When she’s not running around making sure everything is running smoothly, be sure to ask her what her favourite café (campus) is.


Emily Dawe
USG Committees

Meet Emily, our quirky and sassy USG Committees! Currently in her fourth year at McGill, double majoring in Political Science and History with a minor in Anthropology, Emily is incredibly devoted to SSUNS. In fact, this year will be her sixth SSUNS experience, having been a delegate twice and most recently the Deputy Specialised Agencies. As one of Emily’s greatest passions is summer camp, it is easy to see why her favourite part about the conference is being able to watch delegates personally develop. Hailing from Toronto, you will either find her in her Leafs jersey or dressed in her favourite colour, grey. Outside of SSUNS, you can find Emily sniffing candles (has a slight candle obsession), bobbing to (and getting roasted for) her unique taste in music or hanging out with her three cats, Puffle, Truffle and Patches (she promises she isn’t a crazy cat lady). Emily prides herself on being the funniest member of the Secretariat. Emily can’t wait to meet all the delegates and for the conference to begin!


Charles Choi
USG Finance

Meet our USG Finance, Charles Choi! Charles was born in Seoul, South Korea, but grew up in the Greater Toronto Area. Now in his third year at McGill, Charles is pursuing a major in Canadian studies and minoring in Canadian ethnic relations. After graduating, he hopes to become a Crown attorney or policy advisor. This will be his second SSUNS, serving last year as Operations Coordinator for the conference. He is most looking forward to the Delegate Gala, which he thinks is the highlight of the weekend! Alongside his involvement in SSUNS, Charles is also involved in many other clubs on campus including DriveSafe, Arts Undergraduate Society and the Legal Clinic. Charles speaks three languages (Korean, English, French) and plays four instruments (saxophone, guitar, piano, violin)! If you run into him at the conference, make sure you ask him about how his backpacking trip to Europe went over the summer!


Eric Sun
USG Information Technologies

Your USG Information and Technology, Eric Sun (no relation to the SSUNS name), is in his final year studying Computer Science and Math. Despite hailing from the moderate oceanic climate of Seattle, Eric does not mind the bone-chilling winters of Montreal. Fluent in English, Mandarin and C, Eric is well versed in languages both verbal and computational. Taking a break from gavelling as a high school delegate, Eric has participated in SSUNS as Committee Director, Crisis Staffer and now the USG IT, twice. Eric loves the aspect of his current role that allows him to be the face of the conference through his design of the SSUNS website. Always the optimist, when asked what his dream job would be Eric answered “a job.” Choosing one Game of Thrones character that embodies Eric is a difficult task, but ultimately he chooses Arya Stark given her strong sense of vindication. Eric would like to wish all the delegates a great conference and reminds them to put it all out there; it’s always worth it.


Feodora Chouakri
Director of Public Relations

Born and raised in Montreal, this year’s Director of Public Relations is Feodora Chouakri! Currently in her fourth year and pursuing a joint degree in Sociology and History, Feodora hopes to one day work in the field of Public Health. Having participated in Model United Nations in Cegep, Feodora is currently a member of the McGill University Delegation Team. Not only is Feodora a true tea connoisseur, owning a whopping 40 to 50 different types of tea, she is also fluent in an impressive four languages- English, French, Italian and Spanish!  Last year at SSUNS, Feodora chaired the Assemblée Nationale Du Québec and won the second round of Dais Wars. One of the things she loved about chairing the committee was interacting with the delegates. At SSUNS 2019, Feodora is looking forward to seeing the delegates enjoy their experience and learn and grow throughout the course of the conference.


Amanda Bianco-Burrill
Deputy Administration

Amanda Bianco-Burrill, SSUNS 2019’s Deputy Administration, is currently in her third year at McGill, doing a Major in Biology and a Minor in History. Born in Charlotte, North Carolina and raised in Frankfurt, Germany since the age of three, Amanda is fluent in English and German. Having worked in a dental practice from a young age, Amanda dreams of a career in dentistry or oral surgery. As the oldest of six siblings, she’s no stranger to becoming the ‘mom’ of the group! Still, her favorite activities outside of school involve binge watching Netflix as well as spending time with friends. Seeing the value of the skills taught in Model United Nations and not being one to shy away from challenges, Amanda entered the Secretariat after one conference as a Staff Room Staffer. She cannot wait for this year’s conference, and looks forward to seeing delegates respond to conference innovation and their impact on enhancing the SSUNS experience!


Dharana Needham
Deputy GAs and ECOSOCs

Meet Dharana Needham, our Deputy GA and ECOSOCs! Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Dharana is double majoring in Honours Political Science and History with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. Dharana is heavily involved in the student community at McGill. She works at the McGill library, serves as a delegate on the McGill Delegation Team, is a Peer Reviewer for Flux and is an active member of her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. In an alternate life, Dharana would be a professional dancer as she was part of a dance academy throughout high school, practicing a wide array of dance forms from ballet to modern dance to jazz. Dharana dreams of working in law before ultimately pursuing work in foreign policy or domestic politics in the fields of poverty alleviation and education. She advises delegates to put themselves out there during SSUNS and find the aspects of Model UN they are most passionate about, whether it is advocacy, research or diplomacy.


Mariel Boden
Deputy Specialised Agencies

“Here Come the Yankee(s)” because Mariel Boden, our Deputy Specialised Agencies is here! Born in Singapore, Mariel is a proud New Yorker who now lives in Chicago. She is a third year student at McGill University majoring in International Development and minoring in East Asian Languages and Literature and Social Studies of Medicine. In her spare time, she likes to read, referee soccer at McGill and stress-bake brownies. On Friday nights, you can find her at home, chilling, watching Monty Python (shout out to the Holy Grail) or some sort of John Hughes classic (#saveferris). When you see Mariel at SSUNS, be sure to ask her how she was featured on Stephen Colbert’s YouTube channel!


Alex Horbal
Deputy Crises

Reigning from the ‘Real Toronto,’ meet Alex, our Deputy Crises! Having attended as a delegate and Assistant Crisis Directing twice, SSUNS 2019 will be Alex’s fourth SSUNS. He cites SSUNS as a major deciding factor in his choice to attend McGill! Alex is in his third year of a Joint Honours degree in History and Political Science. He sees law school in his future, committed to work with and support vulnerable communities. In his free time, Alex enjoys reading. At the moment, his favourite book is French adventure novel, The Count of Monte Cristo. An avid outdoorsman, Alex’s most cherished memories include the ten summers he spent canoe tripping at a summer camp in Ontario. Back at McGill, He is a dynamic crisis delegate on the Delegation Team, taking advantage of every opportunity he gets to compete on the university circuit. Alex is incredibly excited to meet all the SSUNS 2019 Delegates and looks forward to see everyone giving their 100% and coming out having learned and made friends!


Naomi Shi
Deputy Public Relations, Events

Meet Naomi Shi, Deputy Public Relations, Events! Naomi is a fun-loving world traveller from British Columbia. She is a second year student studying Political Science and History at McGill, but already has credentials as a Citizen of the World. Having grown up in Hong Kong and travelled Europe, North America and Asia, she is always in search for adventure. Helping her along the way is her multilingualism, speaking Cantonese, Mandarin, English and French. After trying many international delicacies, Naomi’s favourite dessert is deep-fried snickers with vanilla ice cream. Her favourite activities are exploring cafes, hanging around McGill campus in any season and spending time with her twin. In fact, her favourite Disney characters are Chip and Dale because they remind her of her sister and herself! Naomi always wished her name was Sue so she could be…Sue Shi! This will be her third SSUNS, having been a delegate and an Operations Coordinator. She is always excited to see delegates’ enthusiasm, but her favourite part of the conference is Delegate Gala!


Audun Jawanda
Deputy Public Relations,
Brand Management

Audun (aka Audi) is a fourth year student from somewhere in New York that is neither upstate nor the city itself. He is studying Political Science and Economics and this year at SSUNS he holds the position of Deputy Public Relations, Brand Management. Previously, Audun has held the role of Vice-Chair for the ICAO committee not once, but twice! At McGill, Audun is involved in many activities, the most important being the non-traditional intramural league that he founded last winter. Before starting at McGill, Audun took a gap year during which he travelled to twelve countries. He is also a proud dog father to Coco and Xena, despite Coco giving him a scar. Audun has lived in Montreal and attempted to learn french for eight years, but has not managed to pick up the language. A major fan of skiing, black coffee and any adrenaline based activities, Audun cannot wait to meet all the delegates come November.