Our Charity


SSUNS 2019 will support the David Suzuki Foundation’s goal of protecting nature’s diversity and well-being of all life, now and for the future, and their vision that we all act every day on the understanding that we are one with nature.

Since 1990, the Foundation has tackled several issues regarding sustainability, the environmental crisis, and, in recent years, human-caused climate change, leading to the successful lobbying for Canada to sign the Kyoto Accord.

The Foundation partners with local peoples to develop alternative, sustainable models of economic and community development in each of their projects, which includes:

  • Working with the Ainu of Japan to protect salmon

  • Partnering with Indigenous peoples of Colombia on sustainability issues

  • Working with the Kayapo people in Brazil’s Amazon to protect their lands from development (part of a project that preserved the largest tropical forest protected by a single Indigenous group at 28.4 million acres / 11.5 million hectares)

  • Researching a controversial dam project in Australia

  • Working with the Hesquiat people of Vancouver Island to restore a clam fishery

  • Building straw-bale houses and other vital infrastructure with the people of the Tsilhqot’in Nation in B.C.’s Nemiah Valley

  • Supporting the court case that eventually led to the historic Tsilhqot’in title decision of 2014

  • Partnering with the Musqueam First Nation to launch the Musqueam Watershed Restoration Project, bringing a salmon stream in Vancouver back to health

  • Contributing to the launch of the ambitious Pacific Salmon Forests Project, working with communities on the central and northern coasts of B.C. and Haida Gwaii

If you want more information about the David Suzuki Foundation, check out their website davidsuzuki.org, or their social media.

Facebook - @DavidSuzukiFoundation
Twitter - @DavidSuzukiFdn
Instagram - @DavidSuzukiFdn