The Delegate Resource Centre

Confused about where Salon A is? Lost your badge? Need a restaurant recommendation for your delegation? Visit the Delegate Resource Centre!

Located on the 2nd floor of Le Centre Sheraton, SSUNS’ Delegate Resource Centre (DRC) is there to address any concerns and answer any questions our delegates may have about the conference, the hotel or Montreal. Throughout the conference, the DRC is available to faculty advisors and delegates from 9:30 AM until the end of the last committee session each day. The DRC also serves as the Lost and Found throughout the conference and should be used as the centre for all badge-related concerns. In addition, we offer affordable merchandise to our delegates as a souvenir of their time at SSUNS. This year we are excited to be able to offer our delegates the option of purchasing merchandise directly from our website and picking it up at the DRC during the conference.


SSUNS 2019 is excited to offer delegates the option to purchase merchandise directly through our website that can be picked up from the Delegate Resource Centre during the conference. Merchandise can also be purchased directly from the Delegate Resource Centre for the duration of the conference. *Note: the DRC will accept Canadian debit cards, US debit cards, as well as US dollars at an exchange rate of 1:1

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